Redefining what it looks like to live your most authentic life.

Using the foundations of moon productivity, human design and gene keys, I give women like you the permission slip you’ve been looking for to step into who you actually are.

You've been conditioned to fit molds that don't feel right.

“It’s everywhere these days—’Be authentic.’ But what does that really mean? If you’re rolling your eyes at yet another overused buzzword, I get it. ‘Authenticity’ isn’t just a trendy term to throw around; it’s the core of what I do.

For me, authenticity means stripping back the layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’ that life and careers pile on us. It’s about reconnecting with who you are at your core, without the masks we wear to fit into various roles—manager, mother, partner. It’s about aligning your daily actions with your true nature, using tools like Human Design and Gene Keys to guide the way.

Here, we don’t just reclaim the word ‘authentic’; we reclaim your sense of self to empower you in every aspect of your life. So, let’s cut through the noise. Let’s redefine what it means to live genuinely, on your terms.

Ready to peel back the layers? Let’s discover the real you.


It’s time to find your spark again. Let’s do it together.

Hi Love, I’m Erin Neuhardt, and my career began behind the scenes, creating magical moments on stage and building communities. Now, I’ve shifted gears to focus on my own magic—helping women like you who are navigating burnout and seeking authenticity in their personal and professional lives.

In my work, I focus on delivering quick, impactful insights that empower you to kickstart your journey towards genuine self-expression. My offerings—be they retreats, courses, or unique products—serve as catalysts, lighting the fire that fuels your transformation. As your guide, I provide the initial spark and the roadmap, but the journey? That’s yours to own.

I am here to offer acceptance and grace, acknowledging that the road to authenticity doesn’t require perfection. You have the freedom to pause, the wisdom to say ‘enough,’ and the courage to show up, even on days when you feel like disappearing. Let’s embrace this imperfect journey together, with heart and bold intention.

Everything Phases Me

with Erin Neuhardt

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Erin’s wisdom and energy is truly such a gift. In moments, where I struggled with self-doubt or fear, she always brought me back to a sense of self-belief, possibility and power. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for nurturing support, strategy and skillful guidance, unconditional cheerleading, financial empowerment and so much shared joyful wisdom.

Speaker & Restorative Justice Advocate

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