Summer Break virtual workshop series: ⚡Energetic Hygiene

Thursday, July 25th
Virtual - Zoom

Join Erin for a Summer Break Virtual Workshop Series.

Take some time for yourself and dive into some new topics. Expand your mind, Create space for you to indulge and float in a pool of possibility and flow.

This workshop is virtual, which means that you can take from the park, to the pool, or anywhere in between. You get to decide if you show up country club chic or gym grunge – there is no judgment here.

Thursday, July 25th @ 10:00AM – ⚡Energetic Hygiene – Just like brushing your teeth, flossing, or taking a shower… Energetic hygiene is something that we should all be practicing. Our energy fields are constantly bumping up against others all day long and we are both giving and receiving energy throughout every interaction. Come learn how to balance yourself out through easy to practice concepts that you can add into your daily practice.

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