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Empowering women to embrace their story and show up authentically so that they can change the world, without comparison or feeling like they need to be in all of the places to be successful.

About Erin Neuhardt


Throughout my career, I have championed causes, planned events, scaled programs, coached speakers, assisted in media campaigns, produced book launches, and networked my butt off.

I used to be the girl working behind the scenes to create magic moments and foster community and now I’m stepping into my own magic to help entrepreneurs like you follow the visibility journey I’ve taken, so you can show up authentically and in a way that aligns with your business and personal goals.

I champion women like you who have stories to share and messages that need to be out in the world.

What My People Are Saying


Erin is an incredibly authentic and genuine coach. She has a brilliant ability to easily bridge the gap between strategy and mindset which creates powerful results for her clients. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge around visibility to her coaching clients and makes visibility not only feel achievable, but exciting too! Conversations with Erin have helped me gain immense clarity and confidence around limiting beliefs, mindset blocks and visibility challenges. I highly recommend working with Erin if you’re looking to grow your business through visibility and personal growth.

Jessica Principe | All Girls Shave Club


Erin has been instrumental in me getting my ideas out of my head, into a plan I could execute, and out in the world. We met so I could babble about the things I wanted to share in a course, she took notes, asked questions and then turned around an outline in such a short amount of time – I was blown away. My business has grown because of Erin, and I cannot wait to hire her for my next project.

Kristin Hardwick | Photographer, Educator, Entrpreneur



I don't believe you will run out of things to say because your message is meant to be shared!

ERIN NEUHARDT | Visibility Consultant

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1:1 Consulting

Deep dive with me on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection to find the ways you can best show up to share your story and make a difference in the world. Together we’ll find solutions that align with your goals, vision and greater purpose to create a visibility plan that takes your business to the next level.

Are you ready to break through the next layer and be seen on a new stage, in a new way?

We’ll work together to up-level your mindset to embody your next-level self so you are ready to show up and stand out with confidence, and let your mission and your message change the world.

Are you with me?

Visibility Growth for Entrepreneurs, Coachs & Thought Leaders

I’m going to take you from Analysis Paralysis, overwhelmed and just plain STUCK in your visibility strategy, to moving forward, making waves, getting visible, creating your movement, nailing your messaging, and most importantly, making a PROFIT. Bringing the exposure to your work so that you can help change the world.